How to Act Like a Morning Person (Even if You’re Not)

Ah, the great myth of the “morning person.” Okay, sure, some people probably do relish rising from the comfort of their beds before the sun has even breached the horizon. But why? You likely work alongside some of these people. The ones who have run three miles, completed a yoga practice, and done a full week’s worth of laundry before they even arrive at the office. These morning people. Where are they getting the energy? Are they faking it? In any case, they’re clearly getting a lot done with their day. So, how do you get a little piece of that productivity action for yourself? Here are some idea on how to act like a morning person, even if you’re not of the species.

Wake Up Incredibly Early, and Tell Yourself It’s Night

If you’re not a morning person, you’re probably a night owl. You have to enjoy some part of the day, right? If night time is the right time for you to do your best thinking and feel the most productive, this is an easy solution. Set your alarm extra early — we’re talking like, 4 AM. Then, when you wake up and see pitch black outside your window, tell yourself it’s night time. The human mind can do amazing things. Put on the clothes you would wear at night, bump some party tunes, and get to cracking!

Tape the Edges of Your Mouth Into an Involuntary Smile

This method of conditioning may take a little time, but it’s incredibly effective. You’re not a morning person, which means you probably wear something ranging from a somber, neutral face to an over-the-top scowl when you wake up. To convince yourself you like mornings now, try taping the edges of your mouth to the top of your cheekbones, creating a permanent smile. After a few weeks of involuntarily smiling, you’ll (hopefully) successfully brainwash yourself into believing you’re a morning person.

When All Else Fails, Grab a Coffee

Maybe you’ll never be a full-fledged “morning person,” but that doesn’t mean you have to let mornings go to waste. If outright brainwashing yourself doesn’t sound particularly appealing, you can still savor the morning with a cup of coffee. At Dunn Brothers, we’re committed to pairing people with the perfect coffee experience that inspires and awakens. If you’re in the Iowa City or North Liberty area and you need a little help making the most of your mornings, give us a visit. We’ve got outdoor seating, so you can soak in the fantastic weather. To learn more about product offerings, call Dunn Brothers in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.