Understanding the Differences Between the Roasts

Coralville, IA RoastFor most people, the day cannot begin without a morning cup of coffee. Everyone is unique in what they like, and each type has a delicious array of flavors, strength, and more. The coffee we serve comes from slow-roasted beans that embody robust flavors and accents notes, offering a variety of different options to help get your day started. But what is the actual difference between the beans? In today’s blog, we look at the types of roasts that are available in our shop and what each type embodies.

What is a Roast?

At Dunn Brothers Coffee, we only source our beans from quality farmers that keep the environment in mind. In other words, our product is ethically sourced! Before the coffee is ready for your cup, it is harvested in its natural state as a little green bean. The beans then go through the process of roasting, which changes the physical and chemical properties to produce the rich coffee we know and love. Many factors contribute to the flavor that is produced, including how long the beans have been roasted, their physical location of growth, and more. Each roast has a unique flavor with special characteristics that accompany it, providing a unique flavor profile with every cup.

Three Main Types

When you enter our doors in the morning and order a cup of joe, our first question is typically “light, medium, or dark?” The reason for this, as you may already be aware, is because each roast contains a certain set of characteristics and flavors that accompany it.

Light or Blonde

For example, a light or blonde roast is roasted for the least amount of time and contains many notes similar to that of citrus flavors. The level of acidity is a bit higher, and blonde roast coffee often pairs well with citrus items such as a blueberry or lemon-poppyseed muffin.

Dark Roast

Dark roast coffees, on the other hand, are roasted for much longer and contain a rich, bold flavor that can indicate notes of warmth, body, and sweet flavors. These roasts tend to pair better with foods such as coffee cake, chocolate muffins, or other rich, bold flavors.

Medium Roast

The medium roast, featured in some of our classics such as our Guatemala Antigua, Papua New Guinea Western Highlands, and Sumatra Aceh, is an in-between roast that exhibits accents of spice and earthiness. Items such as scones or other pastries pair well with a morning cup of medium roast. Come visit us for more information about our type of coffees and their rick histories

Pick Up a Coffee Today

Whether you are in the mood for a sweet, bold flavor or a lighter, more citrusy bite, we have the flavor to help start your day on the right foot. To learn more about our different beans, processes, or flavors, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA by calling 319-665-2020.