Looking for Fun Lunch Options?

coralville lunch menuLast week we took a look at our full range of breakfast options. So, it makes sense that today is all about lunch! If you’re sick of the same fast-food offerings, and can’t stand another leftover meal, then stop by. At Dunn Brothers in Coralville, IA, we have a full menu of filling lunch options, all created fresh with amazing ingredients!


We have a number of different sandwich options, and each is served with either chips, fresh fruit, or an ancient grain. You could try our Tuscan Turkey on Ciabatta, with roasted turkey, parmesan tomatoes, pesto aioli, and a fresh spring mix. We also have an Ultimate Club on Ciabatta, with turkey, ham, swiss and cheddar, all on ciabatta bread with Parmesan tomatoes and pesto aioli!

If you want a grilled option, we have a Bacon Grilled Cheese with Parmesan and Muenster cheeses, roasted red peppers, bacon, cheddar, and more on a multi-grain bread. Our California Chicken has a chicken breast, melted Swiss, avocado, cheeses, spring mix, and more on fresh ciabatta bread. We also have an Almond Chicken Salad sandwich, an Italian Sandwich with smoked ham, pepperoni, and more. Finally, be sure to check try our Ham and Brie sometime!


You can also try a wrap, each one served with a bag of chips. For our vegetarian customers, we have the Avocado Grain Wrap, with avocado, grains, kale, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and more, all on a whole grain tortilla. You could also give our Almond Chicken Salad Wrap a try, with house-made chicken salad, fresh grapes, dried cranberries, almonds, Parmesan tomatoes and a spring mix on a whole-rain flour tortilla.


Each of our Naan Pizzas are made-to-order with naan bread, a mozzarella-provolone blend, a balsamic glaze, and pizza sauce. We have Pepperoni, Chicken Pesto, and Margherita!


Looking for something a little lighter? Then try one of our salads! Always created with the freshest ingredients, we have an Almond Chicken Salad with chicken, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, fresh grapes, Parmesan tomatoes, and a bed of spring mix. Our Chef Salad contains a fresh spring mix, ham, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg, cucumber slivers, red onion shavings, slices of swiss and cheddar, and our own croutons! You also choose your dressing. Finally, you can also add a side salad to your order too.

If you have any questions a bout our menu options, let us know! You can order online, pick them up to-go at our drive thru, or have them delivered through the GrubHub, DoorDash, Seamless, and Chomp apps.

We Would Love to See You Soon!

We’re ready to help you break free of the fast food and leftover rut with a full menu of amazing options. more details on our delicious lunch selections, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.