Let’s Talk About Our Coffees!

coralville coffeesWe’ve been talking about well, everything but our coffee! So today, the time has come to look at the variety of iced and hot, specialty and prepared, beverages. Each one is made with beans roasted daily and brewed hourly, so you always enjoy a fresh cup with the richest flavor. In today’s blog, we’re looking at our espressos, cold brews, iced frappes, and more!


If you need a shot of caffeine to keep your day going, then we have iced and hot espressos! We use textured milk for each one, but if you prefer a dairy-free substitute we also have soy, almond, oat, and coconut. We could also enhance the flavor with a shot of sugar syrup! Our options include Mocha, Americana, Cappuccino, traditional Espresso, and Latte, all created with textured milk, unique blends, and ingredients like chocolate sauce. If you need a kick, then this is a great way to go!


Looking for a more specialized beverage? Then try our Caramelized Almond Latte, with milk, espresso, buttery caramel, and almond syrup. We also have a Raspberry White Mocha, and our Mint Mocha involves a rich chocolate sauce and peppermint syrup. You could also give our Caramel Mocha a shot, with espresso, textured milk (or substitute) caramel, and our delicious chocolate sauce. We always make sure each one is slow-brewed and created using the richest and most flavorful ingredients!


Do you want to try one of our frappes? Each one is made with our Infinite Black™ Cold Press and is blended into a smooth, creamy drink. We have the Mocha Frappe, with chocolate sauce, and the Caramel Frappe, made with a rich caramel syrup. As the weather warms up, these are a favorite among our customers!

Cold Brew

If you want to try our cold brew, we slow-brew this coffee for 24 hours, creating a rich, robust flavor that is high in flavor and caffeine. To do this, we use our Infinite Black™ Cold Press! Our customer favorites include the Vanilla Iced Nirvana, with vanilla syrup and half-and-half. We also have the Chocolate Steam Nirvana with a mocha kick using chocolate syrup and sauce. For a sweeter brew, we have the Cinnamon Roll Nirvana, available steamed or iced, and our all-time favorite, the Creamy Coconut Nirvana!

If you have any questions about our flavors and drink options, then stop in today! We could love to talk to you, and help you find a new favorite.

Do You Need a Caffeinated Pick-Me-Up?

We have an array of hot and iced coffees, so we’re ready for whatever you’re in the mood for! For more details on our specialty and prepared brews, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.