Be Sure To Try Our Rewards App!

coralville rewards app promosDo you stop by our Dunn Brothers shop in Coralville or Cedar Rapids, IA, on a regular basis? If so, then using the Rewards App could mean a chance to earn points, discounts, and more. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how to set up the app, and how this could benefit you, from earning free coffee to trying seasonal brews early.


Getting the app is simple! Juist visit the App Store or Google Play and download. It will then walk you through the set-up process, or you can always visit the store if you need a little help. You will earn points upon signing up that you can use in the future, and you’re now eligible to take advantage of our regular in-app promos! You can use this to pay, or to scan receipts later to accumulate points. You can also order ahead through it, which means you can skip the line and pick up your foods and drinks to go, or you can hang out in our dining room.

Benefits and More

You earn points with each purchase, and receive them on your birthday too. These can be used for free coffee in the future. Each week we always have a new in-app promo. For example, people were able to try our summer beverages before anyone else, and receive discounts on fresh beans and popular beverages too. If you make a habit of visiting us on a regular basis, we thank you! But we always want you to get the most from your visit, and warning points towards free items down the road is a great way to do just that!

How Do You Like Your Dunn Brothers?

The summer can be brutal, which is why we’re so glad to offer a respite with our dining room! You can relax in a cool, relaxing environment, with the walls decorated with artwork and photographs from local artists. You can also use our drive thru window for a to-go order if you’re in a hurry or running errands. If you prefer, you can also have your drinks and foods delivered right to your door through Doordash and Chomp, and we can even cater your next big meeting or family get together! If you have any questions about our foods and drinks, then contact our team today! We look forward to seeing you.

Talk to Your Coralville and Cedar Rapids Coffee Shop Today!

We want you to get the most from your Dunn Brothers purchase each and every time. If you want to find out more about our special offers and discounts, then you can contact Dunn Brothers in Coralville and Cedar Rapids, IA, by calling 319-665-2020 or 319-200-3015.