Save On Your Summer Beverages!

coralville summer drinksWell, summer is officially here. We know you’ll be looking for fun ways to cool off and avoid the heat, which is why we have an in-app promo to save on our latest summer drinks. Your Dunn Brothers shops in Coralville and Cedar Rapids, IA, talk about how you can save $2 off our latest Orangesicle inspired flavors.

Our Latest In-App Promo

We’re added some fun new summer flavors, and these will be limited to this summer only! Which means you shouldn’t wait and let them pass you by. You could try three new flavors with an Orangesicle kick. We have the Orangesicle Nitro Iced Nirvana, the Orangesicle FruiTea Infusion, and the Orangesicle Red Bull Infusion. These offer a sweet and refreshing kick of caffeine, so you can get through these blistering days. From now through Sunday, you can use the app to order and save $2 off the price of these beverages! What better time to give them a try? We have Dunn Brothers shops in Coralville and Cedar Rapids, so stop by soon!

Other Fun Summer Drinks

We also have other fun beverages you can try this summer. Did you know we have fresh smoothies and lemonade? We also have our cold coffees brewed with the Infinite Black® Cold Press, so you get a rich and robust flavor that keeps you moving. Not to mention our chilled frappes and nirvanas, available in tons of flavors. We also have light and healthy meal options that won’t weigh you down like fast food, such as our salads, wraps, sandwiches, and our Naan Pizzas.

The Rewards App and Delivery

If you don’t have the Rewards App, you can download it now through the App Store or Google Play. Setting it up is simple, and our team members could even help you. Once you have it, you can start taking advantage of these same promos, we have a new one every week. You also earn points with each purchase that can be used towards free coffee and more. Members also sample our seasonal drinks a week before anyone else gets to! If you don’t want to brace the sweltering weather to get your favorite foods and drinks, you can also have it delivered through Chomp or Doordash. Get your favorites right to your door! If you have any questions about our latest special offers and seasonal beverages, or about our Reward system or delivery options, then contact our team today to learn more!

Visit Your Coralville and Cedar Rapids Coffee Shop Soon!

We have plenty of delicious brews to help you cool off. If you want to find out more about our latest offers and in-app promos, then you can contact Dunn Brothers in Coralville and Cedar Rapids, IA, by calling 319-665-2020 or 319-200-3015.